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Game News
IRC: #Aegis_Imperium
Port: 10178

As a guild, Aegis Imperium promotes diverse styles of play while striving to maintain a competitive edge. We avoid a rigid tiered leadership structure that you will find in many other guilds in an effort to promote all guild members to contribute at all levels of discussion and action. 

New and returning members of the community, as well as those simply looking for a new home in Xsyon, are encouraged to visit our forums as well as join us on Mumble. What you’ll find is a solid base of mature players that can provide the building blocks of know how that will both help you get started in Xsyon and develop yourself further as a player. Once a part of the guild, you can expect both regular pvp outings and training in addition to pve and infrastructure building activities. Although Aegis Imperium does not condone the murdering of random players, we defend the areas we call home and have never found opponents in short supply.


If you would like to apply, register at Applications - on the Forums and make an application in the Public area/applications. In this application, state your in game name, you forum name, past MMO experience, Xsyon experience, and goals/ambitions for Xsyon and the guild.

Primary points of contact for questions are the following members :



Aegis Imperium was created in July of 2008, as MO-Only guild. Recently we started a Xsyon division. We started off by recruiting thoughtful and intelligent individuals, something that we attempt to adhere to even to this day. Our members are generally opinionated, and are not afraid to speak their mind, even if the ideas expressed are controversial. This is something that over time has become a tradition in AI; allowing different viewpoints to arise and to let people debate them freely to their logical conclusions. To this day we pay homage to our roots and allow for open discussion between all members, and do our best to facilitate the culture and freedom to do so. We are a guild with a lot of history and the scars to prove it, however we have stayed together through thick and thin and have come to value community above all else.
Guild News

Old members

Curwen777, Apr 13, 11 2:37 PM.
Even if you already are a clanny, it would be nice if you introduce yourself in the application thread. It doesn't have to be long, just a short presentation so we know who are our buddies :)

Plateau nearly finished.

Curwen777, Apr 12, 11 7:38 AM.
We are are continuing with the heroic effort to level a huge plateau in our base.
This will allow us to place structures in an efficiënt and esthetic fashion.
The work has progressed well altough it took a lot of effort.
It seems that the end is in sight but  help would still be much appreciated.
Ask LarsNK or Omvaq if you want to contribute, terraforming is a great exp-bar booster!


Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Curwen777, Apr 10, 11 4:39 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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